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Oftalmoferon pic.oft,sol. 10000UI+1mg/ml 10ml

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Composition and release of Drop eye – 1 ml: active substances: interferon alpha-2b human recombinant – at least 10,000 IU; diphenhydramine hydrochloride (diphenhydramine) – 1 mg; Auxiliary substances: boric acid – 3.1 mg; Edetate dynasty – 0.4 mg; sodium chloride – 2.2 mg; sodium acetate – 7 mg; hypromellosis – 3 mg; 8000 to 5 mg; macrogola 4000 – 50 mg; purified water – up to 1 ml. eye drops. In a plastic bottle with a dispenser-dropper, 5 and 10 ml. in a packet of cardboard. Description of the medicinal form Transparent colorless or with a weak yellowish tinge solution. Pharmacological action Antiviral, immunomodulatory, anti-allergic, antihistamine, anti-immune, antiprolyferative, decongestant local. Pharmacokinetics When locally used, the drug is not subjected to systemic absorption. The concentration of active substances reached in the blood is well below the detection limit (the definition limit of interferon alpha-2b is 1-2 IU/ml) and not them …
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